A small planet spins in a rainbow-hued nimbus. Her name is Windfallow; sister world to Earth, fashioned by the same Creator and given innocence as her cloak. In the dim past the worlds were connected and their inhabitants passed to and fro between the worlds. But planet Earth was tempted, fell and was corrupted by evil. The gates between the worlds were closed by the Fallowfolk themselves to prevent that evil from wounding their world.

The world of Windfallow differs from Earth in three respects. She never fell to the temptation of sin. There angels are still visible. And the common building material is gemstone. Many lifetimes and generations of lifetimes have passed on Windfallow, where time is measured on a scale more closely resembling that of the Eternal Plane. Windfallow is not Heaven. But Windfallow is magnificently innocent.

Now, a demon has discovered the tiny planet and despising its peaceful inhabitants, claims it as his own. Only allowed into the Barrier Wood which surrounds the planet at the equator, the demon known as Jackal brings in thugs from Earth to seduce the world. Using the fabulous gemstone as bait, he manipulates its destruction.

Through what he believes is an accident, Zachary Thomas, a teenager from Earth, arrives in Windfallow shortly after the first incursion. Four times the demon seeks to destroy Windfallow. And four times he is defeated by Zach, by the Alari (angel) Angari, and the counsel of fallowfolk convened to resist the invasion. The fourth attempt ends as the demon is cast into outer darkness and annihilation…

A few more centuries pass and a space ship happens to see a planet surrounded by a ‘curious light’. An away team sets down to explore and one of the crew just happens to have an antique family idol…

Read on for description of books and excerpts.


About dswan2son

Poet, author, artist, columnist from the heartland of America. Author of The Windfallow Chronicles; Rachel's Daughters and With Heart Divided.
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