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BOOK V: A Curious Light

The Queen was just coming into the main hall with a circlet of minuscule Alari ornamenting her snowy hair. Angari assumed full stature, something short of seven feet, and bowed before her. “Come, Angari, and let us discuss what you learned of the stranger.” The Queen smiled at him.

“And, what he did not learn of us!” Angari offered the Queen his arm as they walked into the garden. Continue reading

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We’ve been studying the Holy Bible you gave to Stilts.” Tears filled Angari’s eyes. “I am the only angel who has been allowed to read it and only a few of the elders. We are afraid the fallowfolk and the Alari as well would be terribly wounded even to read what your earth has done to the Maker’s Son.”

The tears fell down his cheeks. “How could you do that to Him?” Angari’s wings unfolded and he began to change into the incredible creature Zach had seen before. Then, his wings relaxed and he was plain old Angari again. Continue reading

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The Great Bell

There was a long silence and then Angari changed before Zach’s eyes. He began to glow; his garments became bright white and his skin golden bronze. Zach heard a gasp from his parents as Angari came into full view. Even Stilts and Sparrow stepped back a pace. Continue reading

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