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BOOK V: A Curious Light

The Queen was just coming into the main hall with a circlet of minuscule Alari ornamenting her snowy hair. Angari assumed full stature, something short of seven feet, and bowed before her. “Come, Angari, and let us discuss what you learned of the stranger.” The Queen smiled at him.

“And, what he did not learn of us!” Angari offered the Queen his arm as they walked into the garden. Continue reading

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As Joe carefully tapped the last shards of ice separating the crew from the figure, his mind suddenly cleared. “What are we doing?” He whirled away to those behind. “Are we all crazy? How do we know what this thing is? Nobody knows where we are. We sent out false co-ordinates to the company. What if something goes wrong?” Continue reading

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A small planet spins in a rainbow-hued nimbus. Her name is Windfallow; sister world to Earth, fashioned by the same Creator and given innocence as her cloak. In the dim past the worlds were connected and their inhabitants passed to … Continue reading

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